Ten steps to moving on. Super effective.

Ten steps to get over a guy you like so so so so much.

One,its not the same the way you act around him as before. Right now,you feel awkward as hell. Trying to be careful not to say the wrong things.

Two,you think about him all the time. I AM NOT EXAGGERATING.

Three,you think that it matters whether he texts first or who replies the fastest. Which you never really gave attention to when you didnt like him.

Four,you follow him like a puppy dog waiting for his master.

Five, you have now completely made a fool of yourself.

Six,you have now identified how pathetic you are.

Seven,go make yourself feel bad for being stupid.

Eight,go wallow in despair.

Nine, get over him.

Ten,be happy.



It’s not that I’ve turned cynical to love, no. It’s not that. 

It’s just that there comes to a point wherein you get tired of waiting and hoping for people to come back. Sometimes, the best way to do is to shut them out completely just so you could move on with your life. getting over the separation isnt at all easy. but you have to push yourself and make that choice not to linger on those feelings and just give yourself a chance to be happy. Give yourself a chance to meet new people and give yourself a chance to move on. 

Since Ive turned 19 recently, I’ve finally had the courage to successfully close some doors and open new ones for new people.

Leave the negativity and accept the positivity



So late nights when creative juices are flowing. I am sleepy but the thoughts kep nagging me.

Hello there. Last night,i have decided to close some doors.. If you catch my drift. I realized that letting it open even for just a bit will definitely turn you into a lunatic because of the waiting. And im just so tired of hoping and waiting in vain for someone or some people that might come back. Might as well keep their doors closed and ill just open them when they knock.

15 Text Messages You Wish You’d Get

from these 15 text messages, I actually got one.

Thought Catalog

1. Hey, I’m sorry about that effed up thing I did a zillion years ago. It really was all my fault. – Former friend

2. Hi, sweetie! For no reason at all, we’re putting a bunch of money in your bank account. Go wild! – Your parents

3. Ur right. I treated you terribly & acted like a total dick. Can I make it up to u? – Your ex

4. Get down here! A beer truck exploded and there’s free beer sprouting up into the streets like Old Faithful. BYO cup! – Your friend

5. Hey class! Mass text to let you know the final is cancelled. You all get A’s for showing up because showing up is 99 percent of the work. Have a great break! – Your professor

6. Saw this funny sign and thought of you! [embedded photo]. Free at all this week for coffee? –…

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went to the beach with my old time team mates.

It’s amazing how a bond could last for years even without daily communication. My team mates have been one of my closest friends since 5th grade. they’re all a year or two older than me. but it doesn’t matter. Haha

yesterday though, one person went with our group. It was maan’s boyfriend Bocc Bernardo!! whoo! welcome to the retardicorns bocc! anywho, we went to Talicud Island where isla reta resort was located. Fine white sand that envelopes your feet almost entirely, diffferent shades of blue that color the sea, clashing against each other. The beauty of nature was intoxicating.



One soul.

Have you ever met that person whom you may look different physically with,but personality wise,its like youre one person?

I have. We have met each other but i dont know if he looks at me the same way i do to him. Im talking apart of the romantic crap this this is almost obsessively equated to. But this “THING” ive experienced is what you call a soulmate.

This phenomenon wherein you find almost every thing with that person is the same with your ls. Catch my drift? Its just so unfathomably mindblowing that you find one single person that likes the same bizarre-o crap you do.

This does not really guarantee to follow through to a romantic relationship. I believe that this relationship with your soulmate is much more than that. Its something that keeps you grounded. Its something that makes you see reality and fantasy all at the same time.

Ive heared people talk about love the same way but i know i haven’t found that love yet. So when ive found that love,ill make sure ill write a blogpost about it 😉