I’m back!

Yes my dear netizens, I am back. but first, I would like to apologize for my absence. I’ve been really busy for the whole 3 months.. (?!?!) give or take. but I’m here now! yey! and again, don’t get too excited. since I’ve started my 3rd year study in medical laboratory science, I’ve had barely enough time to reflect and contemplate on my feelings. As you are reading right now, I am delaying my study time. >:) Hahahaha! but It’s worth it. I have to just stop and think about everything so I can find myself in the middle of the tornado. I just like thinking that even if not alot of people visit my blog or read my posts, there is one person whom I have communicated with via internet. (thankyou to whoever created the internet. God Bless your soul.) 

Anyway. as my last post rendered the image of my heart-broken self, I am in a better place now. No, I am not dead. I am just getting better. I have recently decided to block all negative people (or anyone who might cause negativity) in my life and started a new twitter account!! yey me! 😀 so here’s a shameless plug; beadelfierro07 Hahahaha! follow me! 


As I was saying, I’ve started to love myself again since I haven’t been loving myself for the past year. boohoo!!! you should never do that. I started to change my diet, not because I want to look good but I want to feel good. I know It’s a cliche but since I’ve made a voq to love myself, I will do it. mehehehe!

Things have been going great. I thank God for it! He is first and foremost, my love. and next to that is my family. I’ve been laughing non-stop with my siblings and with my parents. Since my parents became busier, I’ve reserved my weekend to spend time with them. Summer 2013 was incredible.


I miss blogging. I’ll keep you guys posted real soon.

much love, God Bless.


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