An Open Letter

an open letter to the one that makes a douchebag move on innocent girls.

By douchebag move I mean by flirting with her and making her feel special but then leave her the moment the girl that dumped you comes back into your life. Yeah, that move. Sound familiar?

So, both of you are friends, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you could just go back to normal and act as if nothing happened right? No. We’re all human. So if you happened to come into a realization that you’ve done this to a girl,here’s what she might be probably thinking:

1.) When you see each other in the halls,a friendly hello or nod would be appreciated. Anything otherwise(like hugging and smiling at her like she’s the most beautiful thing in the world)will be dealt with accordingly, like have you barbecued just above the fiery pits of hell. Of course she might exaggerate but it simply must be done to get the point across your thick skull.

2.) Don’t talk to her ever again on social media. EVER. it’s just not right you know? it’s like rubbing salt on a freshly cut wound.  Maybe in a couple of weeks yeah,okay. And a favorite or a retweet would be tolerable,but outwardly talking to her on social media makes it look like that you still have power to make her knees weak. No, It’s just that you should really just respect her personal space and her pride. After all,we’re all human.

3.) Move on you sonuvabitch. if you can’t really stick with her,might as well get a life. A life away from her. The unnecessary trauma that you give her by constantly coming and going isn’t doing her any good. Be a gent and stay away.

Lastly, if you two have already looked past that, you could be friends again. Just give it ample amount of time. And while you’re at it, Forget the Assholery. It doesn’t suit you.



13 Things I’ve learned throughout the > 3 weeks of vacation.

So..I’ve been feeling a bit down since sembreak started. But with my friends and family to back me up, Even the slightest speck of sadness goes away. I just want to take this moment to Thank the Lord for all the things He has done for me. In a matter of less than 3 weeks, I’ve experienced my best sembreak ever. From feeling the loss of a friend to the elation of knowing that you passed first sem,I thank You God for this.

I’ve learned alot this sembreak. Namely

1.) I’ve learned how to let myself feel. Just to rant and be a girl. I’ve learned to not just get bottled up and explode when the next little thing that irks me comes my way.

2.)I’ve learned that the right usage of social media is not to speak harshly of other people but the right usage of social media is to make it an instrument to inspire other people.

3.) I’ve learned that you cannot truly love others if you cannot love yourself first. How can you give what you don’t have in the first place?

4.)Never take tequila and vodka together. you will have the worst hangover in your life.EVER. Imagine wanting to puke every second whilst riding a taxi that swerves like there’s no tomorrow. Imagine that.

5.) I’ve learned to be adventurous. To try things that scared me before. To get out of my comfort zone. Nothing really happens when you’re just cooped up in your little shell. See the world!

6.) I’ve confirmed that I’m comfortable the most when I am behind the camera. Rather, just working behind the scenes. I like working in the background. No pressure! :))

7.) I’ve learned that revenge is just a waste of time. All those nega vibes and Thoughts of hurting the ones that hurt you is just killing your cells. Hahaha, you’ll turn ugly.

8.) I’ve learned that people aren’t always what they seem. You can’t really know what a person’s motive is. So it’s better to just go with the flow,but never let yourself be vulnerable.

9.) I’ve learned that Prayer moves Mountains.

10.)I’ve learned that moving on is not as hard as it looks,really. You just go back the way you were before you met this someone and when you meet this person again,the next thing you know, you’ve already killed the butterflies in your stomach long ago.

11.) The way you carry your bikini makes you look sexy even if your body is not.Hahaha!

12.) Love love love. Just love! because even if you get hurt,you really have nothing to regret. 😉

13.) God’s ways are not our ways.