late night thoughts.

Honestly speaking tho, It’s hard to move on when you see him in the hallways,on your newsfeed..when you have a lot of mutual friends. I realize that it takes time, and I have my own pace at doing things. but aside from that, this doesn’t really give me a pass for holding on longer than I should.

I mean, the hurt is slowly slipping away, I’m happy where I am now. With my friends,classmates and the school publication to keep myself busy. but there’s always you everywhere. And it would have been easier to just block you out of my life completely. But then also, that wouldn’t be fair even if distasteful events lead to another set of unwelcome situations.

I realize too that I’m mature enough to act civil. that I am also strong enough to let go of things that don’t do me good. I realize too that I am weak without trust in God, most especially. I could have crumbled like a cookie the moment that things were falling apart. Then again, I have my stronghold.

Thankyou Papa God.