What is shallow?

I don’t want to know how your day went,who you talked to,what happened in class today and whatnot.


I want to know your dreams and aspirations. I want to see how you see the world. I want to dive into your head and soak up on all your thoughts. I want to know your soul.

I want to know what your opinion is on Al queda, I want to argue with you on what’s right and what’s wrong. I want to see how you perceive what “good” means, relativity of morality and all.

I want to see the world with you, and I want to see the world in you. I want to travel your thoughts, I wanna sail in the sea of your emotions. I want to experience your Nirvana.

I don’t need shallow. I need a connection. I need that single thread that could hold us even if we could be miles away.


You’re not here right now, and maybe because I’m not ready for this yet. 

In time though.