That there’s a certain kind of sadness of not giving your heart or pieces of it to anyone. What I mean is, I actually miss the feeling of my heart sinking when I think of someone..or the countless times I tirelessly replay the moments I am with them. I miss the feeling of giving my heart with reckless abandon. 

I’ve always been the one who loves with no boundaries and usually, I get the short end of the deal. And actually,I got used to it. Now that I have so much love piled up,I don’t know where to begin to invest this huge pile of gunk. Where’s a Love bank when you need one? Ha Ha Ha LoL. but honestly though.


Loving myself more-Check.

Investing time and effort on people-Check

Taking time to relax-Check

giving my best in my studies-Check

making new friends and nourishing my relationships with them-Check

keeping in touch with old friends-Check

making sure my family is safe and whatnot-Check


and even with this much things to do,I STILL HAVE SO MUCH TO GIVE. The sad part isn’t having this much love,actually. It’s just that I’m afraid that a big part just goes to waste if I don’t invest it in something else or some people. ya feel meeee?


I’m sorry if you don’t get the point of this post. me neither. I just want to rant,that’s all.




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