-_-” lose

losing people may not be as hurtful as it may seem.

Sometimes,we lose people because we cut them out from our lives,shut the door on then temporarily,or sometimes people just drift away from you or you from them.

I’ve been experiencing all these lately. It’s both exhilarating and unfortunate. Sad and almost heart-wrenching at first. but then there’s a numbing feeling that comes afterward. The indifference grows on you. Alienation from people seems normal as you age,as you move on with your life. Some people remain,maybe because of the sake that there was a shared history together. Some people though,when you haven’t spoken to them in years,they still connect with you in ways you cannot explain,cannot fathom. But the aforementioned persons,well…

People grow as we age. That is correct. people also grow apart as we age. That is also another statement that is correct. sometimes,when finding ourselves,we tend to lose people because they hinder us from maturing. Reality bites,my beloved audience.

We cut people out from our lives not for their sake,but for our own. How can we save others when we ourselves are so damaged and broken? when we let these people batter our souls & emotions to the brink of insanity? we cut people out not because we hate them for what they’ve done,but it’s just healthier that way.


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