another heartbreak. but what makes this heartbreak so different is that I don’t even have the appetite for reverse-bittering,twitter rants,alcohol and the like. it’s just so unusual to feel just..just sad. No anger or whatsoever,just plain melancholy. maybe because I’ve already known that the possibility of him liking me back is a one in a million chance. or maybe I didn’t do anything else but to be wrapped by loved and to be stripped down of it;just experiencing the full throttle of all the emotional roller coasters. to tell you honestly, I’ve never ever ever ever liked someone this way before. a no holds barred kind of like. I’m glad I did like this person like this. I’m glad that I didn’t even bother putting up a single wall. I’m glad that I’ve come to know my limits and surpass them.  I’ll get over this soon enough. Heck I’m already doing it.

get ready,self. I’m ready for the next one. 😉