“never the same love twice.” An Open Letter to the One Who Made Me Brave

“There are all kinds of love in the world,but never the same love twice.”

Scott Fitzgerald

March 1, 2015

2:19 AM

It’s almost three AM and i got a lot of things on my mind. Mostly about you,mostly about the numbered days,mostly about the hastened time we have within our hands. i told you,i have a lot o things on my mind. all commencing at the same time,it’s almost driving me mad.

But it’s mostly about you. I cannot stress this enough. it’s another one of the sleepless nights/dawns when i can’t get my mind off you. “Goat dammit” *swears under breath*

I’m having a writer’s block right now; i can’t seem to translate to words of how much i admire the way you carry yourself;the way you always are your self,and the way no one else can phase the way you are. I admire the way your presnce inspire others to liberate themselves from inhibitions..from insecurites incurred by society’s scrutiny. I admire the way you stick out like a sore thumb,the way you rise above the status quo. Maybe that’s why I fell in love with you. Your courage is inevitably attractive to a coward like me. You may not see it,but I do. i can’t help but invest my heart in you.

The way people are so transient in other people’s lives.. i thought about it. We’re all leaving each ther anyway,and that thought makes me want to be brave even for once.

“Of course i’ve fallen in love.” You’re just so different. Everything is different with you. I don’t feel butterflies in my stomach when i see you,i feel happy,elated even. When I see you,everything that happened before i met you makes ultimate sense. But even when i realize that days have been numbered,the moments limited, it makes sense too to let another love go.

You taught me a lot of things..but i cannot disclose then here. but nevertheless,thankyou.

i’m done.



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